The April Sherman Series

By: Bekah Ferguson

I’m going to try something new.

Instead of writing a full-length novel and having nothing to share during the years it takes to complete it, I’m going to write and post one segment at a time. It will therefore be a short story series, each a “slice of life” snapshot, following the misadventures and discombobulation of April Sherman – a young girl being raised in a small town, fundamentalist Christian family in Canada.

Though this pattern may evolve over time, I intend to begin with several mind-maiming experiences of an existential nature (you may draw your own interpretations and conclusions). While the first few installments focus on a child trying to process harmful fundamentalist teachings, I will also include absurdist mind-maims as well (through friends and extended family), for the sake of contrast and balance.

Each story will be one scene, though not necessarily in order, as April’s larger “coming of age” story unfolds. Each installment can be read as a stand-alone or as a series, your choice. My hope is to eventually have enough episodes for a novel.

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  1. What’s Hell?
  2. Y2K
  3. Ghosts by Another Name
  4. An Open Casket
  5. Damned Nonsense


“I wished to tell the truth, for truth always conveys its own moral to those who are able to receive it.”

~ Anne Brontë