The April Sherman Series follows a young girl growing up in a small town, fundamentalist Christian family.

A Short Story by Bekah Ferguson.


Y2K was coming right after Christmas and either nothing was gonna happen or everything was gonna happen. At the strike of midnight, December 31st, computers and security systems might just instantly shut off and as a result, there’d be airplanes crashing into one another, mass burglaries, blackouts and car collisions, and in general, the wreaking of havoc.

As a nine year old, I wasn’t sure what wreaking meant and for many years I actually thought the expression was reeking havoc: something smelly. But when I came to realize the spelling was different, I figured havoc must be the mess or damage the wreaking caused; something very bad. I’d also heard the grown-ups talking about the pandemonium that would follow. I didn’t know what that was but since it sounded like pantomime, I pictured a clown with black and white paint on his face as he tip-toed around, splaying his fingers and grinning with blood red lips.

I’d also heard a lot of talk lately about The Rapture and End Times. We were living in “the last days,” they said, and it was just a matter of time before the events in the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, would begin to unfold: one by one and in sequence. Once it started you could even write the prophecies down in a list form and check them off as they happened. Some of the prophecies had already “been fulfilled.” There was a verse about a fig tree blossoming and withering and that verse meant Israel would someday become a nation. Well guess what, that had already come true in 1948. (I had the date memorized simply from hearing it spoken about many times.) Other events were still to come, like the Rise of the Antichrist and the Beast.

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