Does Abortion Prevent Child Abuse?

Dr. Henry Morgentaler, recently awarded the Order of Canada (the highest Canadian honor) yet considered by many Canadians to be one of the most prolificĀ killersĀ of the unborn, is a Polish Jew who survived the Auschwitz death camp. He refers to the Holocaust as the reason behind his “every child a wanted child” slogan. Morgentaler believes that one of the root causes of Hitler’s genocide was “unwanted” abused children who grew up to embrace and practice Nazi philosophies out of hatred for their abusers. In June 2005, at the University of Western Ontario, Morgentaler was quoted as saying, “Well-loved children grow into adults who do not build concentration camps, do not rape and do not murder.”

While these words do hold much truth in and of themselves, they nevertheless present an inaccurate picture. The theory that abortion prevents child abuse fuels the pro-choice beliefs of many Canadians, but the statistics have proven this theory to be false.

Take a look at these statistics from the Child Welfare Branch of the Ministry of Human Resources, in Ontario, Canada (these are the totals reported from all provinces except PEI and includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse):

  • In 1971, there were 16,172 abortions and 422 reported cases of child abuse.
  • In 1978, there were 38,782 abortions and 1,762 reported cases of child abuse.
  • In 1994, there were 104,403 abortions and 30,366 reported cases of child abuse.

If Dr. Morgentaler’s theory was right, the rates of child abuse should have decreased as rates of abortion increased. But all it takes is one look at these statistics to see plain as day that the number of child abuse cases have doubled and tripled. Statistically, this proves that abortion does not decrease the rates of child abuse at all. Child abuse has skyrocketed.

In reality, many abused children are actually wanted children who later became unwanted; or were at least treated as unwanted.

The prevailing argument is that the rates of child abuse have only appeared to worsen because abuse awareness and reporting has increased. But this misses the point. Consider this: Even if abuse awareness and reporting have increased, all this proves is that child abuse rates are much worse than we used to think/admit.

If this theory is true, all it shows is that legalized abortion has not decreased child abuse rates. So even if abortion-on-demand has not caused child abuse rates to increase, neither has it caused the rates to decrease.

Morgentaler’s theory was wrong and we now have the statistics to prove it.



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