Short Story Collection

by Bekah Ferguson


MOTHER’S ANGEL (Coming of Age, Historical)

For this piece I’d been wanting to write another ghost story and when an idea finally took shape, I realized it’d be ten times better in a pioneer setting. So I spent a good hour or more researching for every single scene written.

Troubled by the ongoing appearances of a ghostly entity in the forest behind his family homestead, a young man in Upper Canada falters between two opposing paths.


I SEE YOU (Science Fiction)

For this short story, I wanted to write a “Black Mirror” style sci-fi based on a news article I’d read about a real doll on the market that was recalled for collecting private intel on the children who interacted with it. The idea quickly morphed into a creepy allegory about smartphone addiction.

Finding a strange item locked in a shed, a young woman grows preoccupied with the cold case disappearance of a child.


GARRIN (Paranormal)

Years ago I watched a movie called, “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman: a mother and her small children are being haunted by ghosts in a large old house. But there’s a twist at the end. We discover that it’s the mother and her children who are the ghosts, and the so-called ghosts are actually a living family being haunted by THEM. So with that movie in mind, I was inspired to write this short story, with a different twist of my own. (By the way, the name Garrin is German for “guardian.”)

Two teens poking around in an abandoned factory are slow to realize the so-called ghost they’re hunting – is hunting them.


THE VIKING (Fantasy)

With this short story, I wanted to tell a Beauty & the Beast tale, but I didn’t want it to be obvious. One of my favorite quotes (and mantras) is by Emily Dickinson: “Tell all the truth but tell it slant … The truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind.” So I cloaked my characters in the past, in the Viking age and Norse mythology, with a Christ-type hero. Imagine if our faces reflected our true hearts, what would we look like?

Haunted by his own heinous crime, a desperate Viking kidnaps a young boy and sets sail on the North Sea.



For nearly fifteen years I’d researched the plight of LGBTQ Christians in the church: countless testimonies, the efficacy stats of several decades’ worth of reparative therapy, and the Biblical texts known as “clobber passages.” One verse kept coming to mind again and again. “Can a leopard change his spots?” (Jeremiah 13:23a) This fable grew out of that.

A spotted cub fights starvation when he’s banished from his family of black panthers.


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Bekah Ferguson

I'm a Christian fiction writer, stay-at-home mom of three, and a bookworm – born and raised in the gorgeous province of Ontario, Canada. My passions include philosophy, psychology, and history, but when it comes to fiction I particularly enjoy cozy murder mysteries (any era), and sci-fi. I'm the author of the contemporary romance novels, A White Rose and When the Fog Cleared (available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle), and co-author of the fantasy novel, The Attic. :) I post short stories of various genres on my blog, and you can follow me on Facebook & Twitter.

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