When we ignore the rats in our cellars

I had a couple of grumpy days last week and was reminded how easy it is to be a prickly pear when I’m not in a cheerful mood. On those days it’s easy to blame my poor behavior/attitude on particulars. For example: It’s because I’m feeling ill, or because I’m bogged down with mundane chores; worn out from childcare; sad and depressed; or disappointed with this and that. I then follow up those rationalities with this: If I wasn’t feeling this way, I’d be kinder, more loving, gentle, patient, forgiving, or playful.

But thanks to C.S. Lewis, I’ve learned (reluctantly) to be more objective. A person could go their whole life thinking they were patient and kind only because their unique circumstances spared them from ever being tested. They thinks they’re kind, of their own virtue, only because they’ve never been provoked.

Here is what C.S. Lewis says in, Mere Christianity:
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