The Attic

A young woman's reality crumbles bit by bit as hidden passageways in her grandfather's mansion lead her ever closer to a co-heir's dangerous secret.

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By: Rachel Xu & Bekah Ferguson

Genre: Low Fantasy

When Lily Kline takes possession of a Gothic estate with Ian Hawke, her co-heir and a stranger, she soon realizes there is more than meets the eye within the many corridors of the sequestered mansion.

Ian is aloof and even hostile at times, and though he warns about rabid wolves in the forest, as though trying to frighten her away, she can’t help being drawn to him.

As events grow more bizarre, she questions her safety and Ian’s identity.

Why did her late Grandfather see fit to make them co-heirs? Furthermore, what lurks in the attic, that hidden room everyone takes pains for her to avoid?

>> An excerpt: The Appendage

When The Fog Cleared

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By: Bekah Ferguson

Genre: Christian Romance

When Kylie Cadore arrived at her father’s Georgian home in Bermuda for a summer vacation, she wasn’t expecting to find his common-law wife, Pearl, hiding a mysterious illness from him. And a handsome cousin.

Having journeyed to the island after several months of separation from her husband, Drew, Kylie hoped to gain clarity amidst the palm trees and sandy shores. Instead she found herself drawn like a magnet to the charms of Pearl’s cousin, a cruise ship pianist.

When Drew unexpectedly shows up on the island a couple of weeks later, Kylie’s heart is torn between the prospect of a new romance, and still loving the man who broke her heart.

A White Rose

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By: Bekah Ferguson

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Dakota Reilly was fourteen when she lost her virginity.

It wasn’t romantic in the slightest. If anything, it was a basic case of statutory rape; but she preferred to tweak the memory here, twist it a little there, until it really did seem exciting and amorous to recall.

Now a successful florist with her own shop, Dakota is used to going from one hunky man to the next. Until she meets Jason Sinclair, a local artist and apparent stoic; a locked door. She is determined to win him, however, and a precarious friendship is forged, despite vast differences in their belief systems. When a gruesome loss shakes her very foundation, she discovers a treasure hidden in the pages of ancient history, and a love she never knew could exist.


3 thoughts on “Novels”

  1. I just finished The White Rose this morning and can not say how deeply impressed I am by your talent and ability to weave a story that is realistic, dramatic and gripping. As an author myself, I know the ups and downs of story arc, dialogue and setting. I also know that most of the books I read these days get dumped off my Kindle the moment I’m done with them. Your book will not.

    The excellent and realistic pacing of the book was wonderful. The true-to-life ending was refreshing (SPOILER ALERT: No main characters falling into one another’s arms just because it’s the end of the book. Instead, thoughtful conclusions and insight into the fact that the future won’t be simple.) I didn’t like Dakota. I love Rose. 🙂 Well done!

    In addition, the beautiful way you unfold the main character’s path to faith, complete with non-pushy apologetics and logic anyone can follow (and use to help friends) was excellent. I will be recommending this book all over the place.

    I am eager to get other books you have written and read them. Thanks for your great book.

    1. Becca,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I was greatly encouraged by your comments. I’m so glad you liked the book and I really appreciate you recommending it to others. 🙂

      I’m working on a new novel right now and hope to have it available on Kindle by the end of the year.

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