Is Everything Grey?

I once overheard the following:

There is no such thing as black and white, everything is grey.

Do you see the irony in this comment?

It’s a black and white statement. There is no elbow room, no negotiating, no degrees of grey, just one single shade of it: the unbending opinion that there are no moral absolutes. Clearly it is a self-contradicting statement, for if everything is grey, what of the statement itself? How could it be the unquestionable truth that all things are grey, if one thing is not? That is – the black and white belief that all things are grey.

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Good Himself – On why one can’t be evil for the sake of being evil

The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it. (Psalm 89:11)

My last post in this series, The Great Migration, was how a Christian’s treacherous and lifelong journey to reach the Promised Land is annually portrayed in the harmonious voyage of migrating birds, animals and fish who must cross land and sea against all odds to reach their own promised land. God has scattered Truth abroad for those who have eyes to see; has woven the Gospel message into the very fabric of life. And that is what this series is all about.

For example: Good triumphing over evil is the thread of gold in every epic story.

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